This agreement stipulates the rules of participation and establishes the relationship between the participants of the community. It is concluded by joining the new participants after completing the registration procedure on the sochelping.com. The terms of this agreement are accepted by the participants in full and without any reservations by joining It as it is set out on the sochelping.com website.

1 General provisions

1.1 Internet resource "sochelping.com", hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, addresses this Agreement-offer to any person (an indefinite circle of persons), whose will is expressed by him personally or through an authorized representative, expressing willingness to use the Contractor's services (hereinafter referred to as the Participant).

1.2 This Agreement is an official offer of the Executor to enter into a contractual relationship associated with participation in the Internet community "sochelping.com".

1.3 Acceptance of the Agreement is putting a mark of agreement with the Participation Agreement on the Provider's website "sochelping.com" to the left of the text "I accept the terms of the agreement".

1.4 By accepting the Agreement, the Participant guarantees that he/she has read, agrees and fully accepts all terms and conditions of the Agreement as they are set forth in the text of this Agreement.

1.5 By acting on the acceptance of the Agreement, the Participant guarantees that he has the legal rights to enter into a contractual relationship with the Contractor.

1.6 The Agreement may not be withdrawn after its acceptance by the Participant.

1.7 The Agreement does not require sealing and/or signing by the Participant and the Contractor (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties"), while retaining full legal force and effect.

Terms and Definitions:

Participant - a person who has reached the age of 18 years, agreed to the terms of this Agreement, and has acceded to it, in confirmation of which passed registration on the site sochelping.com.

Community - a group of Members united by common interests, views, goals and principles on the resource sochelping.com, as well as a set of connections and mutual obligations between them, described in this Agreement.

Invitation is the process of informing a person or group of people about opportunities to participate in the Community by a current member of the community, which results in the registration of a new member(s). A prerequisite for determining the participant, who makes the invitation, as an information curator for the newly registered participant is the use of a personal (partner) link for the invitation, the rules and a list of which are in the Personal Area of the participant.

The new participant who has joined the community under the Invitation of the active participant, is considered to be his personally invited partner and is a part of his subordinate partner structure (is on the first line of his partner structure).

Curator (informational curator or invitee) - a participant, on the personal recommendation (invitation) of whom a new participant is registered. The given participant is considered to be a curator for a newly registered participant and is a part of his superior partner structure (one level higher than the new participant). In turn, the invitee of the participant's curator is the curator of the second level for the participant, etc., etc.

Partner structure is a group of participants of the community, consisting in a team relationship, formed in the process of joining the community by the invitation of the current participants. The partner structure in relation to each individual participant can be superior and subordinate.

The superior structure of the participant is a sequence of participants who are invitations to each other in different generations. The direct supervisor (invitee) of the participant is considered to be his supervisor and is the first level of the higher partnership structure of the participant.

Lower-level structure of the participant is a group of participants, formed as a result of new participants joining the community by personal invitation of this participant, as well as by invitation of his personally invited participants (who are on the first (red) line of his partner structure), etc. by invitation of any other participants, for whom he is a higher supervisor of any level.

A place in the partner structure is an account of a participant (software means of electronic identification of a participant), which allows him to receive financial assistance from other participants according to the rules of the community, in the amounts and under the conditions described in par. 4, 4.1 of this agreement. The account of the new member is generated automatically after his registration.

Personal account - web-interface, which is accessed by username and password, to receive statistical information and other information about the services of the Contractor.

2. Community Registration

In order to register, the Participant undertakes to provide true and complete information about himself/herself using the registration form on the sochelping.com page. The Provider reserves the right at any time to require the participant to confirm the data specified in the registration form and to request supporting documents in this regard. Personal information of the participant shall be processed and stored in a manner that ensures its confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. After registration and activation of the Marketing plan, the participant is assigned the First level. This participant has access to the functions of statistical data management and other services, which are accessed from the Participant's Personal Office. 3.

3. Providing and receiving financial assistance

After registration in the community, the participant is offered to provide financial assistance free of charge in the amount and under the conditions specified in clause 4.1 of this Agreement. After the initial financial assistance is provided, the participant is assigned the First level. Only participants who have activated levels can receive financial assistance from other Community members.

3.1 Participant who has not purchased a level cannot sell it. Money transfers sent to the participant, for the given level, are accounted as "Missed profit" and come to the account of the project "sochelping.com" as donations on behalf of the original sender.

3.2 Refunds of financial aid

Amounts donated by a participant for financial aid are non-refundable.

4. Rules for Financial Assistance

Donating/financially assisting other members of the community is a one time process for the entire time they are in the community.

4.1 The cost of providing financial help:

100 Dollars USA (the First level) - sent to the participant, which is a direct informational curator of this participant.

200 Dollars USA (Second level) - sent to the information curator of the second level of the higher partner structure of this participant.

1000 Dollars USA (the Third level) - is sent to the information curator of the third level of the superior partner structure of the given participant.

7000 Dollars USA (Fourth level) - forwarded to the information supervisor of the fourth level of the superior partner structure of this participant.

5. Rights and obligations

5.1 Rights and obligations of the Executor

5.1.1 The Executor undertakes to ensure the round-the-clock functioning of the website sochelping.com and Personal Cabinets of the participants, except for the time of scheduled technical works.

5.1.2 Provider has a right at any time to require from a participant proof of age 18 years old, proof of personal information specified by him when registering as well as to suspend execution of the present Agreement in relation to a participant who did not provide such proof within 5 days after sending a request to his address.

5.1.3 The Executor has the right to suspend the service of the participant's personal account in case of violation of the rules of this agreement by the participant.

5.2 Rights and obligations of the participant

5.2.1 The Participant undertakes:

  • - Register in the community only after he/she is 18 years old.
  • - Provide true contact, personal and payment data during registration.
  • - Provide safety of login and password for access to the Personal account in the system, not to disclose them to third parties.
  • - Don`t create more than one Personal account (registration) in the community in your name.
  • - Do not spread slanderous statements and other negative statements about the community (management, participants and the project as a whole).
  • - Do not impersonate an employee, owner or authorized representative of the Contractor (if not), any representation should be limited to the title "Participant".
  • - Don`t use design or elements of design of the official site sochelping.com, except for the promotional materials, provided by the Executor, the list of which can be found in the personal cabinet of the participant.
  • - Independently pay taxes on income arising as a result of participation in the community in accordance with the current tax laws of the country of his citizenship.

5.2.2 The participant is strictly forbidden:

- Motivate new participants financially (pay monetary compensation to new participants for their registration in the community).

- Offer and sell levels to new members at a price that differs from the value specified in Section 4.1 of this Agreement.

- Use of profanity, profanity, derogatory expressions in the speech, not even considering in what form, in what form, and to whom they were addressed. And even when changing letters with symbols.

5.2.3 The Participant has the right:

  • - Inform others in order to attract them to participate in the Community.
  • - Create their own sites and post information about the community in order to attract new participants to the community, and to use for this purpose any (unlimited) resources on the Internet.
  • - Send the Contractor his requests and feedback to improve the service.
  • - At any time to refuse further participation in the community.

5.3 System actions regarding blocked accounts

In case of blocking of the Personal Account (cabinet) of a participant caused by violation of the present Agreement, the following rules shall apply to such participant:

  • - During the blocking of the Personal Account, the participant cannot log in to the Personal Account.
  • - Participant's invitation links are inactive.
  • - All money transfers sent to the participant, whose Personal Account is blocked, are counted as "Missed Profit" and are credited to the "sochelping.com" project account as donations on behalf of the original sender.

6. Use of participants' personal data

6.1 Participant agrees that the specified personal data will be available for viewing by other participants of the community.

6.2 The performer has the right to inform the participants at the specified contacts.

6.3 The Provider has the right to post the participant's feedback on the website sochelping.com

7. Responsibility

The Provider will be solely responsible for the functioning of the Personal profile. Provider is not responsible for any violations or limitations in the payment systems used to send funds to participants' personal accounts.

8. Responsibility for fraudulent actions

In the case of fraudulent actions on the part of the participant (attempts to conduct fraudulent transactions on payment systems, fraudulent receipt of money transfers from users, distortion of the official marketing plan, attempts to break into personal accounts of the participants and (or) stolen passwords), the Executive is entitled to block access to the personal account of the offender and terminate its service.

9. Force Majeure

The Executor shall be exempt from liability for partial or full non-fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement if it was caused by force majeure, namely: fire, earthquake, flooding, embargo on export or import, sanctions of the authorities and (or) administrative bodies.

Various instances, the introduction of new legislation, the implementation of malicious attacks on the sochelping.com Internet resource, etc., if these circumstances have directly affected the performance of the provisions of this Agreement.

10. Rights to make changes in this Agreement

The Provider reserves the right to correct and amend this Agreement unilaterally. In case of disagreement with the changes, the participant has the right to refuse to fulfill this agreement and to stop using the service provided by the Provider. In this case, the amounts previously paid by the participant on account of financial assistance will not be refunded.

The service charges a 20% activation per line.

Any participant has permanent public access to this agreement at sochelping.com/offer

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